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Yeah, meteorstrike (or seeking flame for that matter) doesn't even make them blink. However they can't stand a little poison. It's Raid to them. smile

Hmm that's something I don't think I've seen here, a thread dedicated to all manner of effective monster killing, IE who's weak to what kind of attack, what works great, what's fun, etc. I guess because it's more fun to let people do it their own way rather than opine over the "best" ways. Not only that but not many monsters pose a hugely significant challenge unless you're fighting things that are a bit beyond your level. But still, if you can spend 15 seconds on a monster and lose a lot of health doing it one way vs a few easy seconds another way, you might want to know heh.

I live in Indonesia, so I use Baygon (the local version of raid) every day! hahaha You could create the thread Smashy, that way there'll be at least us keeping the Forum alive... wink

"Oh Lord, how long will the search go on?"