There isn't much left to be said, but I would like to see good open world over fancy graphics.
One gameplay feature I haven't seen mentioned that I would love to have is the ability to select Normal Attack on my Right Click for an archer: then I could lead a moving enemy and not miss.
I love the companion (if it wasn't a mouthy DK), the summoning dolls (help on-demand), the Battlefields (a change of scenery and merchants), the new weapons (air, ethereal, etc.), and Shaman magic.
If I could suggest a story for the third Divinity: when the player gets a little experience, the Divine One notices him and gives him the quest to hunt down Damian. Through many quests and a few D.O. appearances, he eventually tracks down Damian and in something like the Black Ring battle, finally kills him. Maybe the Demon of Lies from DD can come to his aid,and the D.O. becomes involved, too. And I hope they put in lots of small, hidden side quests like Cosmo the Cat.
I'd be first to pre-order that.