Well, in an MMORPG I've played, they gave weaker bosses a high level heal which no player had. It made them harder to kill since you needed to outdamage the heals. They were also given the ability to teleport under certain circumstances, meaning newer, riskier techniques were required to kill them. I don't really agree with the teleporting idea, since it's annoying having to search for a boss all over again. A healing spell really didn't turn things around. It simply made it harder for less skilled players.

I would suggest what has already been said, some sort of cloaking skill would be nice. Perhaps more ranged bosses, or some damaging skills they can use. Attacks with status effects are a pain too ;P

In DD I felt that the amount of boss HP was rather too much...I would suggest a sort of timer on potions, since spamming potions just means you can take on anything which doesn't killed you in one or two hits (depending on attack speed). The delay would also apply to bosses. I would put a limit on which potions they have though. I think restoring a boss to full HP instantly is sort of ridiculous. Then again, it could be a sacrifice skill used by slaves. You'd simply have to stop the boss summoning his slaves or destroy whatever is creating them.

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