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Right, the video looks awesome.

Btw, in Divine Divinity, your character could sleep with both genders in the brothel. Will this game be pushing beyond that: allowing your character to choose his sexual identity? (Not just sex but social interaction)

(Edit: I'd love to see some system reqs being posted, somewhere in the future when you've got those down pat.)

P.S. I'm assuming that there's only a male main character, right? smile

Regarding social identity - it's something we'd have loved to do, but the amount of dialog trees is already so large that that would've made things explode, so the differences between male/female are limited. I wouldn't worry too much about that though, the options for character development are quite extended. We'll be announcing a couple of them in the coming months.

Regarding system specs - the screenshots you are seeing come from Geforce 8800 dual-core systems running in full HD (1080p). Our target is to have it run on 7800 cards. Because the game also runs on an Xbox360, it's more optimized than if it'd only have been a PC game. A 360 game has to be able to run from DVD using only 512Mb, so the benifits for the PC version are clear.