And I have a funny feeling the debate is still on-going grin

About the bloom. We are well aware of the issues we still have on that side. It's not really a problem of bloom intensity, but more a problem of textures which need to be tweaked to fit the bloom settings (which are actually HDR settings, but I'm not going to bore you guys to death with this technical mumbo-jumbo).

Let's take the sword for example. As Alrik pointed out, under the right angle you would expect to see this kind of "over-brightness". That's what specularity (in the best case reflection) is supposed to do.
But as Draghermosran (man that's a hard name to type :P) said, most swords appear too bright no matter what direction they are in. This usually is caused by the actual color map which is too bright. add the specularity on top + fancy bloom settings and every sword looks like a light saber.

But enough ranting, all I really wanted to say is that we are still tweaking settings/textures smile