I'm beyond thrilled about Divinity 2. I stopped visiting the forums for about four or five months when it got very quiet new-wise. Came back and you have a new forum website, Divinity 2 website and official announcements! I am so looking forward to this game. The quality of the original was so good and the "feel" of it still sticks in my mind (voice acting, beautiful scenes, the incredible music, immersive story). The screenshots look like the kind of fantasy world I can get "lost" in for a long time! \:D

Ditto on those sentiments, Jeffredo. I'd check less and less often over the years, then lo and behold! Updates, screenshots, videos! I even reinstalled the original and am playing through it for the first time a while. After playing dozens of similar (and mostly disappointing) games, I found that many may have looked better but few were as immersive and none stayed with you the way that div did. I remember the excitement on the forums when beyond was being developed and discussed. Anyone else feel the electricity in the air? cool