funny that, from old geezers to spectacles. & where's Barta when we go off-topic?

oh, & hi again, everyone! smile

glad to see most of u are still kicking your buckets & not keel over. devil (hey where's the other devil smilie?)

Goldy!!! how r u, man?! looks like with the new fansite kit, i may have to make a new banner for u, old buddy. wink

thinking of making a few for some people. i hope i have time for this as i'm currently busy with work (teaching kids!) & being totally offline most of the time. hope i'll get me a steady netline soon.

glad to see all of u geezers - Al, Draggy, Virgo, Morbo, Lews, Nero, Ube, Goldy, Lynn (geezerette!), Flixerflax (my fav imp!), Myrthos, Cleggie, EK, Rince. smile

i hope more of our Brits will return, such as Spick. our fellow Estonian, Egin, too. of course our Greek goddess, Luc.

has anyone seen HEF around?

hope to see u guys again next weekend. smile

......a gift from LaFille......