Harro!! kitty

@ EK -> thanks so much! warms my heart to see some of the old geezers in the ol' Chaos. rpg007

@ Nero -> i luv u too! kiss hug grin

@ Khamul -> u sure u're not a woman disguised as a bearded man so that u can throw the first stone? evil

@ Lynn -> thanks so much!! hug

@ Rince -> for giving back the hug, here's one 4 u! hug delight

life's pretty busy for me here but i'm having fun. still teaching kids at about 30 hours a week & some projects on the side as a freelance IT guy. these plus a big house to take care of & washing laundry manually make me a busy beard. opa

nevertheless, i'm sure i can spend at least a bit of time every weekend here & see my fellow geezers sharing & wetting adult diapers. hahaha

......a gift from LaFille......