If you keep dying, then you are either too weak or need better equipment / skills / spells (or more potions). If you keep exploring around the farmlands and to the east you should level a bit and find better merchants. You can also clear the orcs around Aleroth (wait until you have the associated quest before entering the troll cave west of the bridge). Don't forget about the catacombs, though.
There are also quests to do in Aleroth, and you may be able to avoid strong opponents in the catacombs and clear some of the weaker ones.

Over the course of the game, most warriors tend to average 2 stat points per level to strength, 2 to agility and 1 to constitution. This will vary a bit depending on the bonuses and requirements you find on equipment, especially near the beginning of the game.

Do you mean the teleporter stones or pads? The teleporter stones/pyramids can be used to teleport back and forth between them. Lanilor gives you one the first time you enter the catacombs after freeing him, and the other you can either teleport to or find near the bottom of the catacombs.

Usually you leave one wherever you set up a base (ie a bed and chests to stash excess loot, possibly close to merchants) and keep one with you. When you want to get back to base to sleep, pick up potions, drop off loot, etc, you can drop and use the teleporter stone you have, then use the teleporter stone at the base to get back to where you left off, pick up the teleporter stone (drag and drop it into an open inventory window, or onto the menu bar interface along the bottom of the screen) and continue exploring.
If you have both teleporter stones with you, you can toss one through some locked grates or into otherwise inaccessible places, and teleport to it (drop the other stone first so you can get back, or keep it in your inventory and toss the first one again).

You need to find teleporter scrolls in order to activate the teleporter pads. This will happen automatically when you click on a teleporter pad if you have the associated scroll in your inventory. A teleporter pad must be active to teleport to it (there will be a blue flame on the map beside the teleporter pad if it is active). Zandalor gives you the scroll to activate the Aleroth teleporter pad (west of the town gates). Once you activate the next teleporter pad, you will be able to click on the flame to teleport between active teleporter pads.

If you don't have the manual you can download it as a pdf file.

Early Starter Tips (NON-Spoiler Version)