Sorry about your computer; I know how that is (the hard drive in my first computer died as I was getting ready to do a long-overdue backup).

I tried a few website downloaders awhile ago to save my PMs, so I would not have to sort through them all or simply delete everything. The program that came closest to working properly has since been updated, but I have not gotten around to trying it again. I checked with UBB.threads, as well; apparently in slightly newer forum software versions you can email PMs to yourself one page at a time (which would loose the index and still be a bit of a pain).

If necessary, the website downloaders I tried should work fine to get everything on your Divinity site (the company should be able to send you any lost passwords, though). I guess what to do after that depends on the size of the site...

If you enable private messages, I can PM you, and you can reply (I can just not receive new PMs). When I tried sending you one, you got dropped from the list of participants (no error message was given).

The Endless;
I sent you a PM to see if I could still send them, and then deleted it; I'm not sure if it will still show up for you.