I don't play a lot of games. My last one was the witcher and before that it was GTA:SA. So GTA4 is out for pc and I bought the game.

For the last 2,5 hours I've been trying to play the game. So I need to vent

Installation 20 min.
registering rockstar socioal club (not to happy but so what)15 min
linking my account to windows games 1,8 hours
- creating a windows live account
- figuring out I need a windows live game account -> WHY MS is teh evil
- going trough al the hoops
- entering serial
- DVD has to be in the drive
- linking the game acount to the rockstar account -> again WHY?
- getting f'ed in the ass

Dear God, I knew it was goiong to be bad. But this is freaking unbelevable. I'm not buying an other game that uses this. I hope there will be a crack soon so that I can play it without having the DVD in at least.

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