I just thought i'd say that it is cool to see other people playing div on 'nix

I personally use Ubuntu, Hardy release, playing div (English CD plus lastest patch) through Wine from the winehq repository. I have configured it manually with all the dll files suggested by Xan as not all of them are available from the wine config gui tool. div didn't work without those dll files for me frown The other configurations specific to div I've had to do is: "use as windows 98", emulate a desktop at 1024x1280, disallow window decoration, disable Direct 3D, and select basic under Direct Sound. Those not using Wine 1.1.10 may not have a clue what the above refers to!

I can't get div to work on my Windows XP partition as it crashes every 21 1/2 minutes to the second so for me linux as Ubuntu with Wine means I get to play div cheer