I stopped playing GTA4 and started the withcer again.

I don't get the fact that all the games are taking the realism approach.

Reality sucks, thats why we play games that are supposed to be FUN. Wait this bears repeating

Games are supposed to be FUN!

The last year it has been one dissapointment after an other with the games I bought. (With the witcher beeing the shiny light in these dark ages, to convince me that PC gaming is not dead(yet)).

Mass effect -> sry but a main quest of 6 or 7 subquest that you play out in 1.5 day is not a game -> I've got flash games that took longer! (Yes I know there are otional quests, but why would you play them, money enough ...)

fallout 3 -> This is my fault, I connvinced myself that fallout would not be oblivion (or as I would like to call it Elder scrolls: Walk Sim). I was wrong, it was. ([sarcasm]And the color pallette that goes from dark brown to light brown is nice[/sarcasm])

I don't knwo why they get so high review marks. Maybe my standards have rissen unreasonably high or maybe I am subcontiously comparing them with the witcher (one of the best if not best game ever). At least when you walk over a field in the withcer you are swarmed with enemies.

Not in the mood for cheese?
That excuse has more holes than a slice this fine Gorgombert!