1. Went to a night club
2. I don't make resolutions
3. Yes, I've got another cousin
4. No
5. France
6. Nothing, looking back at 2008, I didn't lack anything.
7. September 1st, met interesting classmates. For me, this is the most interesting day of the whole year. I always look back at previous years and compare my initial feelings for people with how they affected my life. This turns out quite suprising most of the time. People I thought I wouldn't like and would never get to know tend to become close friends and have a huge impact on my life, while others which I initially like turn out to be real jerks or bitches.
8. Had fun at a party whitout getting drunk :p(and yes, this really is my biggest achievement, 'cause I get drunk very fast!)
9. Asked the wrong question to the wrong person
10. No
11. New shoes(best pair I ever had)
12. A friend's
13. My own
14. Alcohol, parties and videogames
15. None
16. Always by Saliva
17. Happier, fatter and richer
18. Spend time with my family
19. Playing videogames
20. With family
21. My mom, cause I only phone people when it's really urgent. Talking with people through a phone is very confusing for me.
22. Yes
23. None
24. I rarely watch tv-programs.
25. No
26. Brisingr
27. Rediscovery: Lords of Acid, Discovery: Sisters of Mercy
28. More allowance
29. A new computer(looking back, I'm grateful I didn't get it)
30. Can't remember
31. 16, celebrating with family
32. More interesting lessons
33. Big improvement compared to previous years. From nerdy to casual.
34. The fact that we can't fully enjoy the upside of life if we don't experience the downside too.
35. I don't care what celebrities do
36. Belgian governmental issues
37. A few friends
38. A classmate
39. Some people got really no sense of humor and are very easly insulted. So be carefull what you say!
40. Yes
41. Didn't go to any concerts frown
42. I think it's impossible to find a song which sums up my year :p