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Heh. I'm REALLY amped about this game now.. sounds like loads of fun. Any word on how long it will, approximately, be? It's hard to do something like the original, but I'm really hoping it's longer than Rise of the Argonauts and stuff...

In this thread, Lar said this:
Regarding the 80 hours - I didn't say that though it could, we really don't know as long as we haven't finished with the balancing. A general rule of thumb is to double or even triple the time in a walkthrough in god mode, and since we this in the mornings, that'd indicate somewhere around between 40 to 75 hours.

So, it definitely looks to be a relatively solid amount of time for a game of this style. I'm a completionist, so it's likely I'm going to be on the higher end of that scale, but if it's at least around 60 hours, I'm liking it. Replayability becomes more important the shorter the game.