For our German fans - the cover of the latest issue of PC Games is dedicated to div2 and in the magazine you'll find 6 pages of Divinity 2 news including several new screenshots. The journalist writes about a 3 hour walkthrough through the game and talks about what his impressions of the game were. He concludes by saying

"Was uns Larian Studios vor Ort gezeigt hat, war interessant, abwechslungsreich und lief verblüffend stabil under ruckelfrei. Zwar gibt es noch kleinere Punkte an denen es hapert, aber wenn sich die Belgier wirklich die kommenden sechs Monate mit Balancing und Optimierung beschäftigen, dürfte nichts schiefgehen."

If you can't find PC Games, the latest issue of PC Action also contains a 3 page story on Divinity 2.


For our French fans
- Joystick has a 4 page story on div2 and also includes a host of new screenshots. The journalist gives a detailed account of what he saw in a lenghty presentation of the game and puts focus on the inspirations and influences he's seen as well as on the overal design philosophy. Quite an interesting read. He concludes by saying:

"Une chose est sűre, il a les épaules pour jouer dans la cour des grands RPG."