That would work.. As I said, it was only what came to mind, I never really thought it through.

And it's not really that they're cynics, it's just that, especially for neighbouring countries, there has been a lot of media attention for our governmental exploits lately.. in large part because of the juxtaposition of the two major Belgian ethnicities, one French-speaking, one Dutch-speaking.. The French press of course gets the French-speaking side of the media, and have a certain 'coloured outlook' on the conflict, but it's inevitably the most internationally mediatic train of events of the past few years. Imagine that, if an Iraqi company would put out a videogame, I doubt any American reviewer could refrain from throwing in a reference to the recent events in that country. France is very involved, especially since French officials have been a bit biased in their outlook, which has caused some considerable commotion in the Dutch-speaking part of the country, where Larian happens to be situated.

I'm sure this all makes very little sense to you all, but just to explain how this comment came about. It's not really a cynical kind of criticism, it's more of a slightly satirical reference to actuality.