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As for the French, they don't have any 'coloured' version of the situation,

I can assure you that most French didn't even know Dutch was spoken in Belgium until something like 10 or 15 years ago (don't even talk about German).

How do you not recognize that as a coloured outlook, based on ignorance rather than an accurate view of the real identity of Belgium's shambles? Whence come comments as "why don't you all speak French?" This is of course inconsequential, except when a European committee is figuratively drenched with Frenchmen furthering their own lingual ideals to judge the future of Belgium, rightly causing some outrage, the more because it was so obviously swayed by certain lobbies who like to proverbially 'bite the hand that feeds them'.

I always find that paradoxical, because at around the same time of that singular problem's appearance I saw a BBC political programme where a French politician was besieged with questions of why the French didn't just all speak English, and they didn't really let him explain. I felt sorry for the poor guy, and I feel it's only natural that all be allowed and able to speak their native tongues in the land of their cultural identity. It would be sort of silly if Danes had to speak mostly Polish in Denmark to simply communicate, due to the influx of Polish people who deem it unimportant to learn the Danish tongue.

Regardless, this is not the time, nor the place to further one's political agenda, and perhaps the reference in that article, IS misplaced and politically tainted if the magazine is actually sold in Belgium to obviously only one lingual identity, as that would give it a political objective rather than a mostly satirical one, if it were only sold in France.

Sorry to hi-jack the thread, back to discussing the rest of the interview smile

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