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Larian Studios CEO Swen Vincke told in an interview that the upcoming RPG's development cost was very high and that they need the game to perform well to afford similar projects in the future

Divinity 2 - Ego Draconis is an upcoming PC/X360 RPG in development by Belgian dev Larian Studios, set for release later this year. In an interview, the CEO Swen Vincke commented about the development costs of the game and the expectations they have set on it, and the future of the company

"Divinity 2 is the biggest project we have ever developed. The cost of investment is excrutiatingly high. If it would flop, the chances are very low for us to develop something like this again. Especially since future projects would need even higher investments.

He also talked about how the development is going, and the chances of a demo

Expectations are high. We notice that our play-testers are having fun and we litterally have to shove them out the door at night. The game has gone gold in Germany and we eagerly await the reviews and the general acceptance of the game there. Before we can start working on a demo, we have to finish up the international versions and the XBox 360 version though."

If the development cost was so high, it's evident they have lots of expectations set on it, so be sure to check it when it releases later this year. Check some of the trailers of the game in the official site

Source: 9Lives (Dutch)