Well, when I first heard of this game here in the US I thought it looked interesting enough, but I had too many other games I was anticipating more. However, the other day I just decided to read up on Divinity 2 while I had the spare time. Wow, was I ever suprised at how fantastic the game looked and sounded.

To me, it looks like what Oblivion, Fable and Lair should have been all rolled into one, yet still retains it's own distinct identity from both an artistic and gameplay perspective. Now it is my most anticipated game, right along with Dragon Age from almighty Bioware. It even looks better to me in some regards.

What really baffles me, though, is the fact that so many here are unaware of this game and what a gem it indeed appears to be. So many disappointments, such as with games like Fable 2 that clearly did not deserve the scores it recieved. I know there are legions of RPG fans here in the us like me that feel the same and would go nuts over this game if they but had more exposure to it.

I think the story trailers are a good start, but what is needed is more media previews, and especially emotionally moving GAMEPLAY trailers that show off the world, the atmosphere, the action and the incredibly beautiful music. This would, in my opinion, have the good old snowball effect, as it were. As the quality of the product will speak for itself.

Anyway, I am so looking forward to finally hearing of when the Xbox 360 version will be releasing here in the USA and I truly hope that this game will get the recognition that I believe it deserves. As I can tell from looking at it that Larian has put heart and soul into this game. I know I am trying to inform as many of my fellow gamers as I can and I think a great many of them will see something special in this game, as I do.

*By the way, could someone please tell me who does the theme music? As it is some of the most enchanting, ambient music I have ever heard in my life. Thanks and nice to meet you all. Looking forward to the conversations here about Divinity 2.