first of all I have to apologize.
I just read in the first topic the passage about the demo (I searched in FireFox for "Demo" and just read that it will be released after the XBOX release).
I did not read the rest of the topic, also not that the development costs were (are) so high.

My problem is that I also just saw some trailers.
Also in the German magazine "GameStar" I did not see a lot of the gameplay.

I want to know how a fight feels like (at least a video).
please publish a video where you see some fights.

I also would love to see some more details about the abilities and spells.
In the GameStar video I saw that you have some and that you see a preview of the current selected spell.
But it was not very clear.
So any information about spells and abilities would be fine.
Maybe just publish the manual as PDF, there you already describe the abilities (I hope so) and so you just need to publish an existing document.

I really WANT TO buy the game, but I need more information.
So I asked for a demo.

By the way: the biggest magazine "GameStar" wrote that Ego Draconis is ecxellent.
I hate them.
They have a playable version, that I do not have.....

So, please publish more videos.