finally i'm back! ........ for how long, i don't know. think confused

been busy with work. yeah i know, who hasn't? grin

got this new job early this year, so that makes it not really a new job. confused anyway, i still teach English. this time, i teach college students business English. i have 22 hours of teaching in college. in addition to that, i still teach at the old place, where i teach school kids English. over there, i have 11 hours of teaching. here's my schedule so far;

Monday: 2:30-5pm (school kids)
Tuesday: 9am-12nn, 1-4pm, 7-9pm (college)
Wednesday: 2:30-5pm, 7-9pm (school kids)
Thursday: 9am-12nn, 1-4pm, 7-9pm (college)
Friday: 2:30-5pm (school kids)
Saturday: 9am-12nn (college)

Barta would be proud of me. grin i wonder how she is.

life's been pretty good. so good that it's hard to find something to complain about. ...... well except for the fact that we still don't have D2 English Edition out yet. i hope the English special edition is as yummy as the German. birthdaypie

hardly have time to check my e-mail let alone posting in forum. doesn't mean i never think of this place & the people here. when i read the news of D2, i could feel my heart tugging inside. wanted to come back here that very instant. however my fear kind of held me back. will the people i know be there? how many of them will be there? will the place change? will it feel as familiar as before? so it took me like ...... 3 weeks maybe, before i summoned enough courage to come back.

i have that feeling this place will be flooded with posts soon. after D2 English Edition is out. kitty

......a gift from LaFille......