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hopefully by the time this game hits the states it will be polished completely (would hate to see it be another sacred 2), no game has ever launched in europe first and then gone on to become a blockbuster success..make this the first.
.. The Witcher?

the witcher didnt sell that many copies really, 1.2 mil is not that high a number....and they sold it 3 times so you would have to count each box separately (normal/ce+enhanced) which they didnt. 1 mil plus is kinda a good number....but not when you re-release a game a year later with nominal added content.

launching europe exclusive is kind of a suicide move really, especially when you consider translating to the europe languages means you already translated to all american (north and south) languages anyways, better to just go global.

but i digress, i must get back to that tower so i can get all that storage going on.