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the witcher didnt sell that many copies really, 1.2 mil is not that high a number....and they sold it 3 times so you would have to count each box separately (normal/ce+enhanced) which they didnt. 1 mil plus is kinda a good number....but not when you re-release a game a year later with nominal added content.

launching europe exclusive is kind of a suicide move really, especially when you consider translating to the europe languages means you already translated to all american (north and south) languages anyways, better to just go global.

but i digress, i must get back to that tower so i can get all that storage going on.

Where are you getting those assumptions?

CD Projekt Red made themselves a force to be reckoned with, with the Witcher. Any title that sells over one million copies, from a company as small as that one, is definitely a huge blockbuster. I'm sure Larian would be happy with a number like that. I dont know any figures on DivDiv, but I'm sure that was Larian's biggest success so far, and also first released in germany.

If you're talking Oblivion or NWN2, you're talking major backing and major developer... for a smaller developer, figures like theirs are nigh impossible to attain. The original NWN got to maybe 3 million? from a game that boasted such innovation and possibilities, got such fantastic reviews, and was made by the biggest RPG developer out there... After 6 years and loads of premium mods and expansions, they were up to 3 million.

And I am thinking the reason they released first in Europe is not because the English dialogue isn't ready yet. I've read that Divine Divinity was finished in English, translated to German and released first in Germany. So that's not really the problem.

i guess the word "blockbuster" is being ignored here. and yes morrowind/oblivion/NWN (but not 2, lets not pretend) definitely apply. bethesda was not a huge studio when they made morrowind either, nor was bioware when they made baulders gate. this is a really really nice game (and yes i am playing it in english), but somehow i can see it landing on our shores with a thud for whatever reason (distribution, advertising, bugs?). it WONT be because rpg's are a niche market though...not when WOW has 11 mil subs and games like oblivion have proven they can sell. myst sold 6 mil and it sucked! look at a list of top selling pc games historically and you will see alot of games that touch on rpg elements, MANY of them clocking over 3 mil. copies. some of them did it over 10 years ago too, when there wasnt NEARLY the PC saturation there is now.

you can pretend the witcher is some sort of singularity (i didnt like it enough to play through it honestly...even with boobies...that im sure sold more than a "handfull" of copies), but there are so many games over 2 mil that ARE made by tiny companies that it is kind of an insult to say you "need" huge teams and big backing to have a game succeed because most of the companies got huge AFTER making a blockbuster game. half-life sold 9.3 million copies i mean cmon.

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