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...no game has ever launched in europe first and then gone on to become a blockbuster success..make this the first.
.. nonsense. nuff said.

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the witcher didnt sell that many copies really, 1.2 mil is not that high a number...
1.2 mil is a great success especially for a PC game.

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launching europe exclusive is kind of a suicide move really, especially when you consider translating to the europe languages means you already translated to all american (north and south) languages anyways, better to just go global.
you're terribly wrong. I don't know why some americans think NA>everything else considering germany alone makes up 42% of the entire pc market.

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...if you want to make tons of money from a game you need to aim for north america or in some cases japan regardless of what kind of game it is...it isnt like fps games are prone to breaking the 5 mil mark or anything like that, they probably just make enough advertisements to make it seem like they are...
if you wanna sell more than 1mil copies, you need to aim for the 360 and ps3.

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on a side note: everything jo wood studios has done except gothic 2 has been bug riddled trash, now whos comparing apples to eggs? im talking about games that have been successful because they were well made and you mention gothic.
many consider the gothic series to be one of the best rpg-series ever. yeah, gothic 3 had its fair share of bugs and came out unfinished but the last community patch (nearly 1gig, 2years after release) clearly showed how many fans it has worldwide. Not to speak of the amazing/outstanding soundtrack and worlddesign the game has.

way to say what you are thinking, but you have provided NOTHING to substantiate anything you said.

(alot of games arent even on that list 1 word: bethesda.)

1 mil is NOT that big a deal, it definitely does not equate to a blockbuster.

i want you to prove germany makes up that much of the pc market (so grossly overstated it isnt even funny), also even with that patch gothic 3 is a buggy turd..its a pretty well known fact that some of the bugs just are not fixable, but hey hyperbole till your heart's content.

this thread got derailed before it even left the station, before i just stop looking at it i feel i should point out there is a certain girls necklace that should not be sold. (dont want to spoil it)

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