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(alot of games arent even on that list 1 word: bethesda.) 1 mil is NOT that big a deal, it definitely does not equate to a blockbuster.
it's a list of the best selling PC games. There are many games that didn't sell millions of copies and were still considered successful.

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i want you to prove germany makes up that much of the pc market (so grossly overstated it isnt even funny)
my statement is neither overstated nor funny, but your reaction shows you're either ignorant or been living under a rock. You could have googled this yourself but let me help you: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2009/07/20/develop-09-is-digital-distribution-the-pc-saviour/ Keep in mind, this only represents the european market. NA will always be a huge, but not the only viable market.

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...also even with that patch gothic 3 is a buggy turd..its a pretty well known fact that some of the bugs just are not fixable, but hey hyperbole till your heart's content...
I didn't state it's completely bugfree. The Ritter des 12. Feuerkelchs have worked very hard over an extensive period of time to deliver on this patch. The results are awesome, even though some bugs will propably never be fixed since there are substantial issues with the engine itself.