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The game looks amazing, truly in the spirit of DD, but it can get better, like maybe a QUICKSAVE button and some MAP MARKERS for SIDEQUESTS (only mainquest markers are added)

Except that, the game is amazing, nice combat, funny dialogues, amazing story and cool stuff that you can only experience in DD games

There is a quick save option you just have to go into options control and set it to a key its off by default,you can set map markers aswell but this feature is partially broken because the marker doesnt show on the mimimap to point you in the right direction.

nono u dont understand, a quicksave is a save that u dont need to point to a savegame, u just press the button and the save is made automatically, without you having to open a menu and choose a save spot

and for the 2ndary quests, it would be cool if the game AUTOMATICALLY pointed to the spot you have to go

also for the minimap/big map it would be cool if NPCs that give/complete quests would show

a few more things that are missing is : fog-of-war on the map, so you know where u explored and maybe a button to skip movies/cutscenes (i for one had to sit through several repetead cutscenes / movies due to loading previous games)