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Somewhere else on the internet? If we officially open an English help forum, it'll be as if we condone the language hack. Or that we encourage it. Or don't mind they're doing it. Officially, we have only released a German version. To me, the English version doesn't exist.

I'll try to keep an eye on the forums and see to it that not too much spoilers seep into the normal way of things.

I know that a lot of fans and hardcore RPG gamers are probably actually buying the German version and doing the little language hack. But, even though we are flattered, we cannot start supporting that or encouraging it.

The world of big corporations and money never ceases to amaze me,i understand that officially this game isnt out in english ok np,but how can buying the german game and turning on some files that are already there be a terrible crime,infact your attitude to this just makes me wish i wasnt such a big fan of your games and not spent my money.

Its in no way harming your sales but could well increase them as i and others very probably would have bought the uk CE of this game to get eng manual etc,but if your going to make your customers feel like criminals i may now pass.The world is obsessed with big companies making loads of money and common sense doesn't get a lookin these days.Myself and others bought the german version of drakensang and turned it english we had no problem aon that forum and legend hand of god all german releases of which i have both english and german copies of,meaning i paid twice i am a hardcore rpg'r yes and maybe not everyone is,but i would think i should be welcomed and praised not made to feel like a leper or criminal.

Ps Seems to be some confusion in the larian staff as some of your colleagues are chatting and helping people with game problems in the english forum,surely if you dont support the english version you shouldnt be giving ANY help in this forum ???.

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