1. As a great detractor of Gothic III, I feel I must say that the game's potential is easy to see. It was screwed, probably partly because of the whole JoWood dispute, and you can obviously see that the devs really didn't get to finish it... But barring the bugs, imbalance and the whole being unfinished bit, Gothic III had the possibility to be one of the best CRPG's ever. And Gothic II is. I haven't played it for a long time, but now that you mention this community patch, I guess I'll have to check that out for myself.

2. I don't know if you noticed, but on that "best-selling games list" The Witcher is the first non-multiplayer RPG on there. Having that and being on the list of best-selling games ever, I'd consider that blockbuster-material.

3. You gotta be honest; if you don't like the Witcher, then you don't like RPGs with content. I know all the flaws the Witcher has, and even so it's just (perhaps with Drakensang for the party-based players) the best roleplaying game to come out in recent years (excluding of course D2)

4. As for Bethesda not being a huge studio when they made Morrowind: perhaps not huge, but they were big. Daggerfall generated a large fan base, and Bethesda put all their bets on Morrowind, and successfully. It was a good game, much better than Oblivion. Oblivion sold all its copies on hype alone. Give Patrick Stewart the role of Zandalor and friggin' Johnny Depp or something for Damian, and you'll generate a lot more interest in the U.S. But do we really want companies to sacrifice their integrity and loads of content to use that money for some big names in the voice acting? Divinity 2 has great voice acting without big names, and the game is much better than Oblivion in every single department. Yes, even visuals.

5. Every one of us wants Ego Draconis to make it big everywhere, and sell as many copies as possible. Trust that Larian is doing everything in their power to make that happen, it's their livelyhood at stake, obviously. I will agree that it is simply not getting enough publicity to sell as many copies as Dragon Age will, but there's nothing any of us can do about that. I mean Dragon Age won't be out till october and I'm seeing tv commercials on it already. The real dragon flies under the radar, even in its own country. It will have to sell like The Witcher did; or Baldur's Gate 1 did. Not on publicity, but on innovation and sheer quality, over the course of many years, making Larian a household name and hyping everyone for their next game. It will, in part, depend on luck, if ED becomes an out-of-nowhere blockbuster or a hidden gem. But both those things have something in common: Quality with capital Q. And that's more important to us here than any sales figure.