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The world of big corporations and money never ceases to amaze me

I am not a big corporation. I was not speaking in name of Larian or DTP. As I stated, I was speaking as a person. (My original post on the matter iirc starts with "personally".)

Personally, to me, it doesn't make sense to look into problems and questions that may have been caused by changing reg values and unpacking and repacking files. Changing the language might cause problems that give the game a "bad name" as it may cause bugs that were originally not there.

You can play the "English version", that's your thing, but I won't tell people how to do it.

infact your attitude to this just makes me wish i wasnt such a big fan of your games and not spent my money

It is not Larian's attitude if that makes you feel better. It is my personal attitude that you don't like.

Its in no way harming your sales

No, but it might harm future sales of English publishers smile

Seems to be some confusion in the larian staff as some of your colleagues are chatting and helping people with game problems in the english forum,surely if you dont support the english version you shouldnt be giving ANY help in this forum ???

I am sure no one will help people changing the German version to English or help people with unpacking and repacking dv2 files.

As I said, it is flattering that people are going through a lot of trouble to get this thing working in English, but I am afraid that they may run into problems they would normally not have. I am not trying to treat you as a villain, I wanted to make clear this is not what the language option was meant for.

No hard feelings i was just annoyed because i felt that some of the comments where aimed at me for trying to play the game in English as if i was a criminal,i really am just a crazy RPG fan who spends way to much money on games (ask my wife) lol,and am the last person to do anything to small devs who make my favorite games,my crime as charged is impatience laugh.