I'm a little disapointed on the reviews so far on the game i have to say with sadness. Most average 80-83, and i was honestly expecting on the range of 85-89% for more international coverage.

It seems most reviews point out the same problems, i was wondering if larian is patching something to work-around this issues in time for the international version, because it would be a shame that international big sites would review the game low based on this unsolved issues.

We all know the animation problems, but it seems from the ppl i've talked to that the feature that works worst is the targeting mode, especialy in ranged situations. Some fights that have more than a couple targets are somewhat confusing since the auto-target mode doesnt give us all that much freedom.
Speaking of the targeting mode, even for chests / crates / etc, the system simply doesnt "feel" fast nor efective.

Best of luck with the reviews larian, especialy the international ones, heard its a war out there in the US review sites!