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From all the reviews I've read, it seems like combat is the only real tarnish this game has. A few nit-pick here and there about various things, but not enough to make a sizable complaint about it.

I'm hoping that combat can be improved upon before we get the English version. Though I'm not sure if that is logically possible now.

BTW: it wasn't combat in Divinity: Sword of Lies that made me love the game so much, though combat in it was fun, except for some bosses that were too over powered (spider in bottom of Aleroth Dungeon). I'm still planning on buying Divinity 2 when it comes to the states.

Indeed, targeting and combat mostly. A simple "tab targeting" would suffice to make it better imho, eh eh eh....

About the 2 reviews on the topic at hand, thanks for them, very refreshing to not having to understand google translator trying to read the german reviews wink