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Even if we don't communicate a lot, we scrutinize your reactions and act accordingly wink

Your pleasure for playing the game, and respecting it by buying it, is the best reward we can get (at least that's how I see things, I can't speak in the name of my colleagues, my mind-reading skills are pretty inexistent in human form ;))

Well being an old fossil Ive been around a few forums over the years and one of the thinks Ive seen the most is people who say the devs from such an such, don't care, don't show up, don't listen, etc so i thought it was nice to see a team from a small company who seemed to genuinely come down from up high and mix with us mear mortals,and listen to what we think say etc,there are lots of posts with staff from larian saying yes were looking into this or we've fixed this,we think thats a good idea etc.It seems people love to complain but not as quick to say thanks when someone listens to there complaints.