That ending suck.. There is so much unfinished bussines.. I did not even manage to get to The Rivertown gorge.. Or to return the Lovis Soul stone.. Omg that does not make sense. Even the "bussines" i have with my ex-commander (I mean the tattooed woman on the begining) in Aleroth..

Edit: And what more.. The "tips" in the game have such big ideas like upgrade and upgrade (Alchemy garden , necromancy ring and so on) and omg I didnt even need to upgrade.. The Necromancy ring quest was bugged.. I feel like somebody has stolen half of the game from me..

And isn't it weird the game ended this way? This ending is anything but good. And I mean good from story point of view.. What about fight with Damian..

And one last thing: What was I doing the netire gameplay? If the game from the start was supposed to end like this then where is the point..

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