I enjoyed the game. I never played the Div1 or sequel, nor even heard about it. I dont mind bad ends, but, and I mean BUT I never experienced bad end in a game as I remember..So I feel like somebody cut the game in two halves, one - me, struggling against Damian. and second - me, as a Winner(Which was not present..). I just felt a little angry.. Can somebody tell me some Rpgs of same quality? I played Gothic, Oblivion .. I hope you dont mind I write them here in Div forum. smile

Edit: "Yeah, but game quality got nothing to do with story." Thats really stupid opinion if we are talking about RPG's. Cause its the storyline and creativity that measures game quality. The game itself is story and you, as a player and as a hero live in that game, in that world. Going through the game, going through the story. smile

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