Well that is something. I guess if I had the game in my hands and was playing wouldn't bother reading the end of it. Now I know how it ends about a month or two before I even play it. But then again same goes the legend of Zelda. You defeat Ganon and save hyrule.

So I suppose there will be a Divinity 3?

Will there ever be and end to this series? Or will this last for 20+ years?

The good thing is that if there will be a handful of sequels, they won't all start off about raising Damian from hell like with Castlevania.

EDIT: I just watched the ending on YouTube lol. Pretty disturbing, but now I'm eager to see what all lead up to this.

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Every time there I run into trouble on the road, there is always a dwarf at the bottom of it. Don't they know how to drive above ground?