Font enlargement patch for Divine Divinity V 2.0 by Losti @

How does it works:

1. Download the "patch": Larger font "Patch" DD for V 2.00

2. extract files from to ..\Divine Divinity\Run\fonts\ for the disk version of the game, or ..\Divine Divinity\fonts\ for the download versions
3. go to the 'fonts' subfolder
4. run DD_font_enlargement_patch.bat
NOTE: It is necessary to run DD_font_enlargement_patch.bat directly from the 'fonts' folder

5. Now you can choose APPLY or UNDO this patch for three font categories
1. "general fonts" --> all fonts except books and dialogs
2. "book fonts" --> fonts for books, manuscripts
2. "dialog fonts" --> fonts for the dialog window

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

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