well, i COULD be grateful for making us Divinity 2 but i'm not going to be for the time being.
That for the simple reason that Larian is conspiring to hold back the release here in Belgium, the center of its production. That is as good as national treason


srsly nao, i honestly do appreciate seeing developers making a solid RPG in honor of an ongoing franchise. In terms of RPG's, divinity 2 is somewhat the best read i've so far, as it nowhere mentioned "periodically released DLC's for too much money".

I truly do hope Divinity 2 sees the hysteria of the gamesindustry through, so we can expect future expansions on D2. By all means it would be a dire shame to see Larian undergoing the same, unfortunate fate as Ascaron (oh why, beloved Sacred, why?)

eitherways, you have my future purchase, when it comes out

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