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1) Because thats the HUD Design.
2) Whine whine whine? Go play something else, thats an RPG, thats the way an RPG works... *facepalm*
3) Whine again? With rush you rush to the enemy, so its natural that the screen is moving fast?
4) Yeah the map in this game is not really good, but who cares?
5) And? Its not translucent, you can see everything and when you need to see your attributes again, just move your mouse away from the item...
6) You mean like a direct comparison between items your wearing and your inventar-items? Well youve got the function to see which stats will get lowered/raised, when you hower over an item the stats will glow red for getting lowered and yellow for getting raised.

Really dude, this topic is just one big facepalm... When you want to post things that the devs should change/do otherwise, post in the right topic, otherwise I see absolutely no sense in this whole topic.

@ForkTong: I cant know whats his native language, maybe he just didnt see theres a german/french board but can speak german/french.

You seem to have a bad attitude towards most people on here,its a shame that people cant meet your Superior intellect and are obviously inferior to you,maybe you should go to another forum that has more people with your obvious intellect and amazing personality.