Some classics like Chrono Trigger, Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Drakkhen are worth looking up. They got some real good rpg elements that modern day games are missing. Larian does a good job at putting some of these missing elements in their games. It sounds like you will be programming games, so it be good to taste some of the classics. I'm gonna go on a limb to suggest Super Mario RPG, basically the SNES had the ones I've played the most. Divinity is the only game that I've played over and over that wasn't on the SNES lol.

I was so bored with FF7 that I quit at the last boss, same happened with FF8.

Anyway, we should really get back on topic here lol.

The thing with this game, is it ends when war starts. So that is gonna make me wonder how far does Damian go? What will Divinity 3 be like? A world completely battle scarred? Or will it make "full circle" and be similar to how things happened prior to Divinity? Where all the races banded, a council of 7 created and a huge cataclysmic battle at the end?

In various literature or movies I've seen, Gods need emotion to exist. Such as worship or fear, once the emotion is removed the "god" ceases to exist. Something will happen to stop his progress wheater it be him sealed away but alive, or hunting the last remaining survivors that are against this. It seems like Damian gains his power threw fear more than worship.

This is kinda sad, I'm looking forward to Divinity 3 more than playing Divinity 2 now lmao! I want to experiance the conclusion to all this from ... what 2002 Divinity came out?

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Every time there I run into trouble on the road, there is always a dwarf at the bottom of it. Don't they know how to drive above ground?