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2. I don't know if you noticed, but on that "best-selling games list" The Witcher is the first non-multiplayer RPG on there. Having that and being on the list of best-selling games ever, I'd consider that blockbuster-material.

you can look at it like that....but then again if you add enough conditions it quickly becomes the best selling game ever (made in a green building outside the united states by a company with no A in the name by a team with less than 6 females working on it).. see what i mean? nwn, diablo, etc and etc all have single player modes too, you cant just say they sold because of multiplayer and are therefore invalid...definitely not baulders gate.

v1ctor: rockpapershotgun is not a credible source.. and again adding enough conditions germany becomes responsible for consumption of 100% of all pc hardware and software (in german countries). just europe.... cause asia is still rocking 2 cans and a string.

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