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Fixed in next patch!

watch next patch FUBAR the german to english translation and anything else people are conceivably doing to play illegally.

Erh i dont get you ,illegaly okkkk so you mod your car or buy bigger speakers for your stereo is that breaking the law no it isnt,importing a nissan skyliner before they were released in the uk is that breaking the law no ,so stop bieng a stupid little child and grow up,people will wont things and people will import or buy to get them befoe they are out in there country,they are not breaking any laws if someone wants to spend money and buy something from another country and then alter it,it is not illegal,so grow up,is it illegal to sell a game that has bugs in it ??,is it illegal to sell a brand new car thats faulty ??,i think you have a lot of growing up to do,the world isnt perfect and never will be.Lets just be happy with what we have and stop trying to make other people do what WE think is correct.