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Why do some posters want finite enemies? Are you worried that the developers would include fights or other situations aimed at high level characters?

No. I'm worried that I'll get bored to death by endless, pointless fighting.

If I'm wandering back through an area to see if there's anything I overlooked, I don't want to be delayed by endless pointless encounters - and the more so if I'm now vastly higher level than the area requires and I'm having to pause every minute or so to kill some useless squib that would have challenged me ten levels ago but now is worth no EXP, carries nothing I would want and is nothing but a time sink.

As Alrik has said, an RPG is a Role Playing Game - not a combat game.

If i want a combat game, I'll either fire up Diablo 2 or wait on Diablo 3, which looks awesome.

Who says you have to kill everything? Sure, maybe if they can freeze or stun you or something then it's annoying, otherwise wouldn't it be pretty easy to run past them considering you are a higher level assuming you have better armour, higher HP or dodge?