I'm not sure this would work for everyone but it was pretty major to me at level 8...

ill go through step by step:

1. rescue the guy in the prison, be nice to him and get the password to the bandit camp. do not finish the mission.

2. make your way to the bandit camp and get in. i also gave the guard the rimmers rum and the couple gave me their weps.

3. as i was clearing the area i read everyones mind for a couple extra stat points. eventually i came to the rescued prisoner and looked at his shop.

4. near the temple of doom i was killing the last few chickens and rabbits when the killer bunny lev.22 appeared (big "oh SHIT!" moment). as i kited him around i noticed 1 npc kept attacking him (i was going mage build so my damage was 0-0-0-0-0-0-forever), it was the rescued prisoner!

5. after getting rabbit raped he actually dropped loot...asin most of his inventory, all blues and greens! i had to make 2 trips to sell it all (what i didnt put on immediately). when i came back for the second round or pilfering the bunny was gone (now that i was all decked out in REAL nice gear for level 8), BUT i accidentally picked up 1 of the weps from the near-by table and ended up beating those 4 peoples asses too (and hitting lev. 9) and taking those weps (most of which require lev. 10).

6. on the way back through to sell again i turned the location of the camp in to louis (guy who gave the rescue the bandit quest) for exp.

7. returned to bandit camp to finish the rest of the chain. much better equipped and richer.

im not sure the rabbit always spawns there or if there is any other way to kill the bandit, but this helped ALOT.

anyone else got big secret ways to advance early?

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