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Swiss gaming site GBASE reviewed the German version of div2 and came to the conclusion that they liked it a lot, rating it 85% and saying in their conclusion:

"Zusammen mit den sehr gut gemachten Zwischensequenzen ergibt sich hier eines der besten Rollenspiele, die das Jahr 2009 bislang in der Statistik verbuchen kann."

or translated:

"Together with the really well done cut-scenes, this is an RPG that will go down the annals as one of the best RPGs of 2009."

Great! smile

Full review article

Nice score. I still think if you guys can patch it up before the english version, its 90% value material on the US review sites and that would boost you up marvelously.

The same problems keep poping up on most reviews i read so it seems clear that the issues should be clearly defined by larian already, and you have a golden oportunity to fix it since the english version is still not out.

- jerky animations
- Theft without consequences
- Extreme AI weaknesses

Good luck guys, hope you can be a storm overseas!