Well there is a lot of unfinished business, as a first matter it might be that you somehow manage to shapeshift into a dragon in that crystal break it and try to fly back with divine to Aleroth remember that you are a dragon and what do you breathe? fire fire melts ice laugh.

And also you haven oticed that the way into aleroth was colapsed after the zepeling exploded inside him so it is posible that aleroth has stayed alive all that time from Damian.

And yet another thing Rhode is still alive, she was your mentor afterall and who knows in divinity 3 you might just get to play with rhode laugh you never know.

Despide the graphics being severley old for today's games this game rocked with its story and i had no troubles with the graphics if the story wasnt so good i probbably whoud have a lot of complaints on graphics.