all right, i can take a sad or a bad guy win ending. but what really bother me is: damian is angry and conquer the world becouse he lost his love. so, whats the point resurrect his love? now they conquer the world together. i think many peoples disapontment comes from: 'feels like i played for nothing.' and i really did. the world is doomed with or without me.

anyway here is an alternate ending:

i traveled back in time to save damian's love, fight with the divine, and everyone, including damian (who could be there cos 1.he was there at the memory 2. he come after me like he appears mysteriously in cut scenes) kill everyone and be the supreme dragon knight. in the rest of the game i could restore the power of the dragons (so another main quests with the huge dragon in the cave in fjords) and finish all the unfinished side quests.