Just finished the game... its very good, i have a lot of fun and will buy localised version, but for rpg must be more than one ending... =( It is adventures (as the type of games) take us to the linear storyline. In case of one ending no point to be evil or good charaster in rpg, but because i understand it only in the end - i like Div2 anyway. =)

But strange - if stats of charaster it is not only for damage formulas, why hero with great intellect and after reading some history books cant realize what he obssesed not Talana? ^^

P.S. Think if Divine is alive, and our hero too... world have a chance to be a saved from Damned one...
And if there also wew write about good RPG... =)
Diablo is not rpg... no-no =)) no story, no talking, just point and click ))

For me Exellent RPGs is:
1. TES: Daggerfall
2. Planscape: Torment
3. Realms of Arcania 2,3
4. Wizardry VIII
5. Gothic series

Just rockin` and rollin`...