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Wanted to make a separate thread, as this is pretty important I guess. From the other thread here, it appears that an announcement has been made for the release of Divinity 2 in the Benelux (Belgium/Netherlands/Luxemburg) on September 25th.

It's available for preorder at Game Mania, where it has the release date set on that day, as well. On their site, I see no information regarding a Collector's Edition, though.

So I'll be going to a Game Mania this weekend and ask if they have any information regarding any special editions coming out. I'd really rather get the CE, but if the CE will only come out in December, I'll have to make do with just the game and perhaps buy a devaluated CE later on.

I would appreciate a heads-up from Larian on this issue as well, as the info, while seemingly reliable, is very scarce on the web, and gaming sites do tend to set release dates without having a lock on it.

PLease forgive my innocense and ignorance on this matter but if a release in the benelux came out, would it be in english or is there another language planned for release there?