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Hello all,

Don't take this as an official announcement, but more as a bit of a heads up for you very much appreciated people still active in these parts of the forum. We've quietly been working on remastering the original div for release through digital distribution, upgrading it to work well with Vista/XP and supporting higher resolutions. Time permitting we'll probably even modify a couple of things, so here's the question. If you could choose only one thing, what's the thing you'd really like to see changed in the game code ?

Nice iniciative! the game realy deserves a polish!

Things i would like changing:

- Better Hot-keys speed-use, it felt clunky the right-click mouse to use when we wanted to use a lot of abilities (i normaly sticked to 2-4 because of it was boring to change a lot)
- Inventory - Some kind of sorting button / Organizer and remove the gold icons
- Better hero animations
- Higher resolutions (i dont except 2009 graphics ofc, but a little polish would be nice)
- Potion hot-keys